Transfer Spotify Playlists to Apple Music in 3 steps

Many users look for an opportunity to put playlists from Spotify to Apple Music. It’s possible, and in this tip, we’ll explain how it works.

Apple Music Spotify playlists

While creating playlists in Apple Music is pretty simple, many users are looking for a way to transfer playlists from Spotify on the music service. There is a handy app for Mac called STAMP (Spotify to Apple Music Playlist). The app lets you transfer relatively simple Spotify playlists for Apple Music.

Before you start transferring, it is convenient to install STAMP on your Mac. Download the app here. It is also important that you have the latest version of iTunes and Google Chrome as your browser. When this is the case, you can follow the steps below.

  • First, it is important to export your playlists from Spotify. You can do this with Exportify.

Exportify Apple Music

  • Log into Exportify with your Spotify account and automatically all your playlists should appear. The lists you export with the ‘Export’ button are saved as a .csv file.
  • Open iTunes on your Mac and make sure you open the “New” tab. This tab is at the top of the menu bar. It is important that “New” remains open because STAMP otherwise will malfunction.
  • Then start STAMP and press “Import songs from .CSV file”. Then select the saved file, press ‘Parse’ and let the application do its job. STAMP now search for all songs in your playlists and adds them to the ‘My Music’ in Apple Music.
  • StAMP Apple Music
  • Important to know is that when some songs are not found, they are searched in the iTunes Store. It is important to open the “New” tab in iTunes again.

Unfortunately, STAMP is not always able to transfer all the numbers correctly. The app also has some problems. However, the developer promises updates to enhance the application. That does not mean STAMP is now useless because even now the app saves you a lot of time and effort.

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