12 iOS and macOS Tips You Must Learn for More Productivity

Apple products are well known for their profound features, durability, power, functions, and design. From Mac computers to iPhones and iPad to iPods, every device comes with an aesthetic design and simple-to-use interface. Each device will give you a unique user experience that makes them the best gadgets available in the market. Though Apple devices are expensive, the features you get and the functionality you come across is worth appreciating.

Let’s explore some of the most useful features of Apple devices.

Unlock Mac with Apple Watch

If somebody already has an Apple watch, it is possible to use it to unlock a Mac. So, you can circumvent multiple steps to unlock your Mac using ID and password credentials. That’s certainly a security feature as no one can access your Mac in your absence.

Use Spotlight for Calculation

Spotlight search allows you to multitask right from one single window. You can use it for performing complex calculations, unit conversion, finding a file on Mac, and more. Launch Spotlight search, type the mathematical equation in the search bar, and you will have immediate results.

Split Screen to Use Two Apps

Using two applications in parallel can be the best way to multitask. You don’t have to hop between separate windows as you can use them side-by-side. You can open two applications on the macOS screen and work simultaneously in both windows. However, if you are not able to view the windows properly, there must be a screen glitch, and you may need to reset SMC or PRAM to fix the issue.

Create Multiple Desktops

If you are a multitasking person with varied kinds of jobs, this feature will enhance your efficiency. You can create multiple desktops on your macOS screen. Tap the Mission Control button on the keyboard, click on the plus (+) sign at the top right corner, and create a new desktop. Every desktop has a unique feature in terms of the format, wallpaper picture, and many more things.

Use AirPlay on Mac

You can use your Mac as an AirPlay receiver following a simple procedure. Apple allows for seamless sync across devices which is an impeccable feature. Make sure all the Apple devices are connected to the same WiFi network, and you have signed in to the same Apple ID to listen to your favorite music.

Rename Bulk Files

If you have a lot of files with different patterns and you want to name them all in a single go, it’s possible and easy too. Select all the files that you wish to rename, right-click and provide a name. Apart from that, you will also get the option to replace, add, or format text.

Hide the Dock

The Dock is a signature feature on macOS that you can use to quickly access the frequently visited apps and files. You can view the most visited items by clicking on the Dock. Go to the Dock and Menu Bar in the System Preferences and enable the Hide or Show option based on your priorities.

View Account Password

The Keychain in macOS saves all the passwords for the websites you visit or apps you use. The details are accessible locally, so you don’t have to worry about security. You just need to initiate the Keychain Access app, click on iCloud in the sidebar, and then scroll down to track the account. Press Show Password and view the details.

Use Dictation for Productivity

Are you fed up with typing long blogs, articles, reports, and similar text-heavy documents? You can dictate the text, and Mac will type it for you using Dictation. Use microphones to dictate the text, and Mac will type it on the screen. This feature of the Mac will help in saving your time and effort and make you more efficient.

View All Open Apps

If you wish to overview everything you have on your system, you can use the Mission Control option. Alternatively, swiping upwards will give you a preview of all open applications while allowing you to track your work.

Switch Between Applications

You can move from one application window to another on your Apple devices without interrupting the functionality. Just hold down the Command key and click the tab by using the cursor, and it will show all your applications. Keep holding the Command key and select the Tab again to go through another application.

Capture Your Screen

You can screenshot your iPhone or iPad screen without using a third-party app. Press down the Home key along with the Sleep/Wake key on the iOS or iPadOS device, and it will capture everything displayed on the screen. You can then share the screenshot with friends and colleagues.

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