What you need to know about bacteria and cleaning your smartphone

It’s important to keep your smartphone clean on the outside. It will surprise you how many bacteria are on it.

Smartphone bacteria and cleaning

The start of a new year is an opportunity to learn new skills or to start a fresh start. In that second category, for example, you can reset your smartphone completely and only download the apps that you really need. This way you have a clean device to start the new year. In addition, it is important to learn new behavior yourself by cleaning the outside once in a while.

You touch your smartphone continuously. You place the device in random places and maybe you use the device even when you go to the bathroom. Or let’s stay realistic: that chance is pretty big.

How dirty are smartphones really?

Your smartphone is full of bacteria. It is sometimes said that an average smartphone is a lot dirtier than the average toilet seat, but the research behind it is not very strong. Yet, you don’t have to be a scientist to remember that a smartphone, especially if you use the device a lot, can contain a lot of dirty bacteria.

Is that a problem? Not necessary. If only you use your phone, the device probably contains the same bacteria that your hands come in contact with, and you will not get sick of it. Yet there is also a somewhat older study, which states that on one of the six smartphones poop bacteria can be found that can cause problems.

It becomes a bigger problem if your smartphone, or for example a family tablet, goes from hand to hand. Then you will share bacteria and they may make you sick. In healthcare, the smartphone is therefore nowadays seen as the new dishcloth.

How do I clean my smartphone?

Although the daily cleaning of a smartphone is not necessary for the average user , it can still be smart to refresh the device every now and then. If the device is used by several people, it is wise to take a cloth over it more often. For people with a weak immune system, regular cleaning is even very important.

Cleaning with a microfibre cloth is usually enough. Optionally, you can first slightly dampen the cloth with water. Then wipe the appliance with the cloth by circular movements.

If you want to take a firmer approach to actually removing the bacteria, then a cleaning agent with alcohol can only be used for the parts where there is no glass. The alcohol can damage the special layer over the glass. Alternatively, it is possible to use a mix of fifty percent water and fifty percent white vinegar.

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