Tinder launches verified accounts

Dating Tinder has added support for verified accounts. This means that known users get a check in their profile to confirm that they are “real”.

Tinder announced the audited accounts on its weblog. The company said that for instance celebrities and athletes have a check in their profile. It is not known whether this covers all international users. Nor is it clear how Tinder checks the authenticity of the account.
Tinder verified profiles

The company behind the dating app, which claims having 26 million daily ‘matches’, would not be the first that comes up with a way to show that some users are celebrities. Previously, Twitter and Facebook already introduced verified accounts. They did this, in particular, to make it less lucrative creating false accounts.

With the Tinder app a user can judge another based on an image, and based on that evaluation, the program can make a match. After a match, further contact can be sought through a chat window.

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