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Start here for Xbox customer support. The Xbox is a video game console from Microsoft. The console was released on November 15, 2001, in North America and on February 22, 2002, in Japan and on March 14, 2002, on the European market.

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Hours of Operation: 9am – 2am ET (every day)
XBox Live Customer Service: 800-469-9269 (800-4MY-XBOX)
Twitter support @xboxsupport
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Xbox customer service
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About Xbox

The Xbox name derives from “DirectX Box”, one of the code names during the development of the console. After a fight with the marketing department, this name won at the end of a long list of acronyms.

In the second half of the 90s, Microsoft set itself the goal that they wanted to take a leading role in the digitization of the living environment of consumers. This position could not be reached by only PC software, but required that Microsoft technology must be accessible anywhere in the household.

The Xbox is a versatile device. Besides playing computer games, it can be view DVDs and music stored on the built-in hard disk. By means of a protection, the device will perform only software digitally signed by Microsoft, and Microsoft has an absolute control over what code the device performs exactly. This changed when hackers tried running Linux on the Xbox. These days, the Xbox did not even had to be opened in order to be modded.

In fact, the Xbox is a PC, but because the software is fully adapted for the console. The machine operates like any other console. The specifications are a modified Pentium III, 64 MB memory, a graphics chip based on the NVIDIA NV25, a hard disk of 8GB, network connection and DVD player. Xbox operating system is based on the Windows NT kernel and DirectX. Because the Xbox uses a (modified) version of DirectX, it was ahead of the competition. Since DirectX is also widely used on PC, it is easy for programmers to transfer a game to Xbox.

Important for a game console is the game support. This originally went pretty well; because the device is actually a PC, it is quite easy to change PC Games and make it suitable for the Xbox. However, the sales of the Xbox fell due to intense competition and excessive pricing. This led to many game publishers to a reverse reaction, many games being developed purely for the Xbox were quickly made suitable for the PC.

Online play with Xbox Live

Besides the so-called offline gaming, games can also be played online on Xbox Live. This means that the Xbox is using a broadband connection with gamers from all over the world where you play directly (“live”). For this service, the user must pay an annual fee.

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