Wifi Mapper: handy app lets you find free Wi-Fi networks

With WiFi Mapper, you can easily find places where you can use free WiFi. The app is packed with useful features and has a social twist.

WiFi Mapper possibilities

WiFi Mapper is a popular application where you find free Wi-Fi networks with. This is useful when you are almost through your data plan but still want Internet on your phone. WiFi Mapper was previously only available on iOS, but has now also been released for Android as well.

When open WiFi Mapper, all the free WiFi nearby is displayed on a map. The WiFi networks are represented by pins, which you can then tap to request additional information. You can check if the connection is good, if it’s free to use or need a password.
Cool to WiFi Mapper is that the app uses crowdsourcing to bring a free WiFi map. It is noticeable that there are a lot of networks available. In addition, the ‘offer’ is growing as more people contribute their bit to the app. Comments can be placed at locations, which is mainly done through the handy Foursquare.

The Android version of WiFi Mapper includes some features that the iOS app does not have. It is possible from the app to connect directly to a hotspot. You can also view a list of all Wi-Fi networks you’ve connected with on your smartphone, and how much data you have used.

Download WiFi Mapper for Android and iOS

WiFi Mapper is a powerful Wi-Fi app and can be useful for many users. The app is free to use and contains no in-app purchases. Download the app via the links below.

WifiMapper - Free Wifi Map
WifiMapper - Free Wifi Map

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