Who is the most popular artist on Twitter?

Artists and Twitter, they are inseparable. Justin Bieber appears to be the most popular topic on the social media and Katy Perry has the most followers.

Music is the most discussed topic on Twitter in the United States, according to the social network. But which artist was the most Tweeted about? That is none other than Justin Bieber. He is closely followed by the boys of One Direction. Also Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift are in the rankings, writes Billboard.

Katy Perry has the most followers
Katy Perry managed to drag most followers this year, thirteen million. This brings the count to more than sixty million.

229,533 tweets per minute
Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chili Peppers accounted for most tweets per minute. During their performance in the break of the Super Bowl finals, there were 229,533 tweets per minute. Also ‘Happy’ by Pharrell did well in the social media. This song was the most twittered in 2014. The self-titled album from BeyoncĂ© was the most talked about album on Twitter.

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