Which browser to use to sign in on your favorite websites

A browser if one of the few programs on your computer that you use daily. It’s the only application that connects you with friends, family, colleagues, entertains, shows you the weather, directions and many more. That’s why it’s very important that you use a liable, secure, and a fast browser to connect to the internet. This post will show you the available browsers, how to use them and where to get them.

What is a browser?

A Web browser is a computer program to view web pages. Popular browsers are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera. Lesser known alternative browsers are Camino, Konqueror, Cool Novo, Lunascape and Seamonkey. Using a browser is popularly synonymous with surfing the Internet. Every modern operating system comes with a pre-installed web browser. Windows users get Internet Explorer, OSX comes with Safari, and most Linux distributions include Firefox by default.

Most people use the default browser on their system but that doesn’t mean that you have to too. It’s fairly easy to download a new browser and install it on your computer. Keep reading to find out how to download and use various browsers.

Google Chrome

Google ChromeGoogle Chrome (Chrome for short) is a web browser developed by Google. Google Chrome is based on Chromium, the open source project by Google. Chrome is free and can be downloaded from Google. A of now, Chrome is the most used web browser in the world. It has overtaken Internet Explorer as the most popular browser since 2014 (source). Chrome is also available as an app for iOS and Android mobile operating systems.

Conclusion: Chrome is a fast, secure and a customizable browser that we recommend our users to download.

Description Detail
Homepage Visit
Download Download Chrome
Extension support Yes
Sync support Yes (with Gmail)
Supported platforms Windows/OSX/Linux/iOS/Android
Mobile Yes

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla FirefoxMozilla Firefox is a free, free and open source web browser developed by the Mozilla project and hundreds of volunteers. Firefox is by 20% to 25% of Internet users worldwide. It is widely used by web developers because it follows the W3C standards better than Internet Explorer. There are also many useful tools as extensions available for Firefox allowing testing of web pages.

In addition, Firefox on Windows is less susceptible to spyware and computer viruses than Internet Explorer. This is partly due to the absence of ActiveX support and because Firefox is strictly separated from Windows.

Conclusion:Firefox is a free and reliable alternative to Internet Explorer. Plus the fact that it can be used on more operating systems makes Firefox a good browser that we can recommend to our users.

Description Detail
Homepage Visit
Download Download Firefox
Extension support Yes
Sync support Yes (with Firefox account)
Supported platforms Windows/OSX/Linux/Android
Mobile Yes (Android only)


OperaOpera is a web browser and Internet suite developed by the Norwegian company Opera Software. The browser has a news reader, an RSS reader, an IRC client and a BitTorrent client. Previously, Opera also had an integrated email function, but that is disconnected from Opera to a separate program called Opera Mail.

The browser is available for many platforms including Windows, Solaris, Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, QNX, OS/2 and BeOS. Opera is not only available for the PC, but also for the mobile phone, Nintendo DS and Nintendo’s Wii in the form of Opera Mini and Opera Mobile. In addition, a “portable” version is also available, making Opera work from any USB stick.

Opera had a market share of 2.1 percent in January 2010, making it the fifth browser. The market share of Opera is reasonably stable but shows a slight downward trend.

Description Detail
Homepage Visit
Download Download Opera
Extension support Yes
Sync support Yes (with Opera account)
Supported platforms Windows/Solaris/Mac OS X/Linux/FreeBSD/QNX/OS/2/BeOS
Mobile Yes

Conclusion:Opera is a fast and secure web browser. Although it has a far less market share, it still is a good browser to use.

Internet Explorer

Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer is a web browsers developed by Microsoft and is part of Microsoft Windows. The development started in 1995. Internet Explorer was first launched as part of Plus! for Windows 95 later that year. Later versions were available as free downloads or Service Packs.

Internet Explorer is the most widely used browser in the world since 1999 with a peak in 2002 and 2003, 95% of the market. Since then, use has declined by the launch of Safari (2003), Mozilla Firefox (2004) and Google Chrome (2008).

The latest stable release, Internet Explorer 11 is a free update for Windows 7 and is included with Windows 8.1 Update. The latest version of Windows Phone 8.1 includes Internet Explorer 11 Mobile. Internet Explorer for Xbox 360 was released in 2012 with the first and current version Internet Explorer 9. Beginning in April 2014, Microsoft confirmed the first new features of Internet Explorer 12. In the past there were also versions for Mac and UNIX, respectively Internet Explorer for Mac and Internet Explorer for UNIX.

Conclusion:If you like Internet Explorer and insist on using it, then we recommend that you always update to the latest version. If you are running a version of Windows that isn’t supported by the latest version of IE, then we recommend strongly switching to an alternative browser.

Description Detail
Homepage Visit
Download Download IE
Extension support Yes
Sync support No
Supported platforms Windows/Windows Phone
Mobile Yes (Windows Phone only)


Every modern browser is nowadays fast, secure, and customisable. We strongly recommend that you always keep your browser up to date with the latest version. Never use an out of date browser for tasks such as internet banking or signing in on sensitive websites.

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