WhatsApp Web now lets you share documents

WhatsApp Web, the Web version of WhatsApp, has a useful update. It is now possible to share documents and PDFs with your friends or family.

WhatsApp Web share documents

After WhatsApp earlier this week released an official desktop app, the Web-based chat app gets an update. This allows users to share documents, which for example is useful if you have prepared a report in Word, or want to send a pdf quickly. You share documents by right clicking on a chat on the paper clip and then choose the blue document icon. After that, you can look up the file in the folder where you saved it.


You could share all the photos stored locally via WhatsApp or directly to make a snapshot with your webcam from your PC or Mac. The option to share documents makes WhatsApp Web again a bit more convenient. It is also possible with the new desktop app to share documents. The application was made available last Wednesday and brings a full WhatsApp experience to your computer.

When you first use the desktop app you must connect it via a QR code with your smartphone. This causes unfortunately that energy is used in your phone, WhatsApp because – unlike rival Telegram – does not work via the cloud.

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