WhatsApp stops paid subscriptions and is permanently free

WhatsApp stops the paid subscriptions and is free for all users. The news is announced by, Jan Koum, founder of Whatsapp. WhatsApp was so far only the first year free, although many users have probably never paid for the service.

WhatsApp does not want “people deprived of communication because of a problem with their credit card,” says founder Jan Koum Monday at the DLD Conference. WhatsApp worked so far with paid subscriptions that users were able to purchase. In practice, many users subscription was extended free after the first year.

Whatsapp free

Paid subscriptions expire within a few weeks. Paid subscriptions were the only earnings of WhatsApp. The chat app now wants to make money by providing services to companies who use the app, reports Wired. Koum is mentioning the example of reserving a table in front of a restaurant. The restaurant would pay WhatsApp for the provision of that service.

The chat app is sitting on 990 million users and thus approaching a billion.

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