WhatsApp introduces web version

WhatsApp is for the first officially available in the web browser. Users can connect to WhatsApp with their smartphone, allowing them to chat through the website. The version of WhatsApp for iOS is not supported, as well as browsers other than Chrome.

WhatsApp announced the the Web version Wednesday. To use the chat program in the browser, a user must connect WhatsApp to the web version of WhatsApp via his phone by scanning a qr-code. To do that, he or she must have the latest version of WhatsApp. The web interface can be used in Chrome; Other browsers are not supported at this time.

The phone also must remain online; when the phone loses its connection to the Internet, the web version is no longer available. That’s the way it is set up to use WhatsApp: unlike some other messaging services, WhatsApp does not store messages on its server. When messages are delivered to the user’s phone, WhatsApp removes them from its servers.

The web version of WhatsApp is supported with Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. The web version doesn’t supports the iPhone app because of limitations of the platform from Apple. The functionality seems to be slowly rolled out; many users report that they are not be able to activate the webapp.

Whatsapp web version
Scan the QR-code to link your Whatsapp account to the web version

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