WhatsApp for iPhone supports web version

WhatsApp has released support for its web version for iPhones. WhatsApp Web worked on other operating systems like Android and Windows Phone, but users with an iPhone could not use the messenger in the browser.

Whatsapp Web for iPhone

With WhatsApp Web, the messaging app allows users to chat from the browser on the desktop. Reddit users noticed that the function is active in the regular version of WhatsApp for iOS. Users can enable WhatsApp Web via the Settings menu of the application.
Whatsapp Web iPhone

It was already clear that the functionality was coming, because it was already in the test version and web.whatsapp.com already reported that the iPhone version also has support for the web version. After the connection between the browser and the iPhone, the phone must remain online; If the smartphone loses its connection to the Internet, so will the web version. iOS version also requires that the app is running, otherwise it can not connect.

That is because of the way that WhatsApp is set up: unlike some other messaging services, WhatsApp don’t store messages on its server. If messages are delivered to the user’s phone, WhatsApp removes them from its servers. Therefore, the user of the smartphone is responsible for receiving and sending messages through the web version. WhatsApp introduced the first web version for Android in January.

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