What you should know about Instagram Highlights

Instagram has started sending emails with highlights to its users. With this step, the 5-year-old network hopes this way its users will spend more time on the app.

Instagram Highlights: highlights from your timeline

The idea is that you regularly receive an email with the best pictures of your friends. Ideally, this would make you click the pictures in the Instagram app and thus more actively start using it.

Instagram highlights
Instagram highlights mail.

The function is new so you do not have the option to turn the emails on or off. You can only unsubscribe directly. According to Instagram, it is the first time that the company sends an email to its users where the app is promoted.

Instagram Highlights can be useful for users who do not use the photo network daily, but still want to stay informed. Especially if you follow many active users, it is possible that you are missing something. Highlights has a solution for it, but it will also be able to ensure that you remain aware of people who share only occasionally something on Instagram.

At this time, the group of users that has received Instagram Highlights is still relatively small. It is expected the feature being rolled out wider to the 300 million monthly users Instagram claims to have.

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