Watching videos on SnapChat is becoming a lot less annoying

Since more and more videos are sent with SnapChat, a minor irritation with the video getting more attention: SnapChat forces you to keep your finger on the screen while the movie is playing. But that is soon to change.

At a conference of Re/code, CEO of SnapChat Evan Spiegel said that they are working on a way to automatically play videos. How this has will be implemented is not clear yet. Will the videos play automatically when you open a message, or will a classic ‘play button’ used? It is not yet clear when the update appears that implements the new video in the app.

Video is becoming increasingly important

In addition to the new video functionality, there some other interesting things about the messaging service. There are, according to Spiegel, hundred million users who are active every day; 65 percent of all messages sent are videos. High time to make more user-friendly viewing video messages.

Although apps like Periscope and Meerkat made the mobile live streaming popular, Spiegel said that they are currently not working on a way to set up a live stream with SnapChat.

SnapChat on Apple Watch?

When asked whether they are working on a special Apple Watch app, Spiegel said that that it will take a while if it will be released at all. The SnapChat team would first have to come up with a unique way that really adds something to SnapChat instead of an app that shows only your posts on the smart watch.

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