Use your PS4 controller on your Windows PC

The Dual Shock 4 (DS4) is the controller for the latest console of Sony, the PlayStation 4. It was announced together with the console on February 20, 2013 and launched on November 15, 2013. Since the controller uses standard USB and Bluetooth for establishing a connection, it can also be used on a PC. This guide will show you how to setup your controller on your PC using a little tool called InputMapper.


InputMapper DS4
InputMapper on Windows 8.1

InputMapper is a small Windows app that works in the background and makes sure your controller is being recognised by Windows. By default, Windows recognises and installs the controller but since the controller uses DirectInput instead of XInput, most games won’t recognise it. This is where InputMapper comes into play. It emulates the Xbox 360 controller making games think that you are using the Xbox 360 controller. This way you can use your controller on your PC without any problems.

How to setup InputMapper on your PC

It’s really easy to connect your DS4 controller on your PC and start using it. First, decide how you wish to connect it, using Bluetooth or USB. USB is the easiest choice although it’s not hard to connect using Bluetooth either. To get started, download and install InputMapper on your PC.

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InputMapper Donationware Download

Just follow the steps and install the app on your computer. After that, connect your controller using either a cable or with Bluetooth.

Connect using Bluetooth
To connect using Bluetooth, hold the Playstation button + the Share button pressed until the light bar starts flashing. Now open Bluetooth preferences and pair with the Wireless Controller.

DS4 Bluetooth connection
Pair the DS4 using Bluetooth

The drivers for the controller will be installed, this shouldn’t take long.

Connect with the USB cable
This is actually really easy, just connect the USB cable on your PC and your controller and wait for the drivers be installed.

DS4 driver installation
The drivers will be automatically installed.

Once you have connected the controller, start the InputMapper app. It will configure the controller and show it in the main window.
That’s it really. Once you have followed the steps below, your good to go. Start any game with controller support and it will recognise the DS4 as an Xbox 360 controller. So when the game says “Press the A button”, you actually have to press the X button on your controller. See the image below for better explanation.

DS4 Xbox 360 layout
Xbox 360 and Playstation buttons

InputMapper login

If you like InputMapper and would like to support it, then go ahead and donate the developers some money to support them. If you donate $2 or more, it will also remove the ads from the app. To donate and remove the ads, first go to the registration page and create a free profile.

InputMapper sign up
Sign up by entering the required information

Once you have created and activated your account, go to and sign in with your newly created Usernameand Password. After that, open the app on your computer and click the “Guest” button in the top right corner and choose the “Login” option. In the login field, enter your Username and Password to sign in.
InputMapper login
Login on your profile

Once you’re logged in, click the support banner on the app. This will open your browser and give you the option to donate. Just choose the amount you wish to donate and make the donation via PayPal. After you have made the donation, restart the app to remove the ads.
InputMapper donated
Congratulaitons, you just supported the developers.

Got any questions? Leave a comment below. Share this tutorial if you thought it was useful.

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