How to use 3D Stickers in Snapchat

Snapchat has again come up with a cool new feature. It is now possible to paste emoji on moving objects using 3D Stickers.

Snapchat 3D Stickers

Snapchat keeps innovating to keep its app interesting. The newest addition is the 3D Sticker. These stickers are special because you can paste them in a video after they linger on the object where you have the sticker placed on. This is emoji stickers, so imagine that you put a cat-emoji over the head of your cat and it remains on it as the cat moves. That looks like this:

It’s a cool feature for creating new Snapvids. To manually add a 3D Sticker take a video and select the sticker button. You must not go to the emoji button for an emoji sticker. Place the sticker on the desired object and press a little longer to place the sticker.

The special technology behind this 3D Stickers is likely to come into the hands of Snapchat after hiring Philipski Eitan, who has worked on Vuforia. This is an augmented reality technology in which virtual elements are fixedly put in the surrounding area. Snapchat is running ahead with these innovations of companies like Facebook when it comes to video.

In the last update of Snapchat 2.0, a significant expansion of the chat features within the app were introduced. With that update, stickers were introduced, but also, more opportunities to (video)call more easily. Also, since this update, the following story is played directly when the previous one is finished.

Snapchat Download

The new feature is now being rolled out to the Android version of Snapchat. iOS users have to wait longer. Snapchat is available via a free download in the App Stores.
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