How to unlock the “secret” emoji keyboard on iOS

Are there not enough gifs and emoticons to express yourself? Maybe you prefer to do that with symbols and dolls made of signs. Then follow this guide to learn more.

Japanese emoji keyboard

Do you know the Japanese emoji? These are figures that do exist of signs. This is an example: (^o^).

The above example is easy to make because those characters are easy to find on your keyboard. But there are a lot more to emoji that requires a different type of characters. In iOS itself, there is the option to enable a specific key that you can use. With that, you send emoji characters to others that they probably do not know yet. In some cases, it requires some imagination to see what emotion the puppets emphasize, but they always look funny.

How to enable it

For the keyboard, you do not have to download anything from the App Store. You just need to know how to install them. We explain it to you with the following steps.

  • Open the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone or iPad;
  • Tap General, and swipe down to Keyboard;
  • In the next window, choose “Keyboards” and then “Add New Keyboard …”;
  • Select at languages ​​for Japanese and select Romaji.

Using Japanese emoji

Now you have the language, you can use the new emoji menu. But that is a bit hidden. Are you in a text field, press the globe icon bottom of the screen. Do you have Japanese selected, choose ‘123’ on the keyboard, then tap the “^ _ ^” – face. You see the emoji appear in a row and if you tap on the ‘^’ – icon, right next to the row, the menu pops up for a better view. By tapping on it, you put them in the box and then you can send them. Because it is simply text, it works in every app.

Ensure that the Japanese language is turned off
The setting may cause some apps appear in Japanese. To stop that, you go to the ‘Settings’ app, choose General, and then tap Language & regions. Under iPhone language, there is not only English but also Japanese. That is what is causing the problem. To remove it, tap ‘Edit’ on the top right, then press the red minus icon for ‘Japanese’. Select ‘Delete’ and the Japanese language option disappears from the device while the keyboard continues to work.

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