Twitter allows users to accept messages from everyone

Twitter is making it again possible for users to receive messages from all accounts, even from people they do not follow. That probably makes especially the lives of webcare company employees much easier.

About a year ago, Twitter’s made it possible to receive messages from all accounts, including accounts that a user does not follow. That possibility was abolished afther a month for unknown reasons, but soon the functionality comes back again, reports The New York Times.

Users will have the choice to receive messages from users who do not follow them. That indicates that the ability is going to be opt-in. At this time, messages can only be exchanged by users that follow each other.

The functionality is probably mainly for webcare accounts of companies. To exchange information that not everyone can see, such as address, users must ask webcare accounts if they can be followed back. In the future it would be more accessible.

The New York Times

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