Try Google’s Deep Dream from your Mac

A new Mac app from Realmac Software puts your photos on Google’s Neural Network with ‘Deep Dream’. This technology shows how computers look at pictures and how they recognize it. Instead of ignoring details, they are magnified.

That sometimes leads to very psychedelic pictures, it’s like looking in the dream of a machine. With the app Deep Dreamer, you can discover what Google makes from your pictures and try various settings.

The app is free to try as a public beta. We recommend experimenting with the settings under Refinement. Each setting brings new discoveries. There are also web services that allow you to make a deep dream, but there are queues. With the OS X app, you get the results immediately.

Deep Dreamer app
The results can be quite… interesting.

How does Google’s Deep Dream work?

Google is trying to make machines look at photographs in a human way to recognize objects. Deep Dream images are viewed by a lot of neural networks one after the other. Simple networks are able to recognize lines or shapes, but Google can identify a large number of layers of all objects and animals. Each layer covers different characteristics of the image.

The search giant is still not satisfied with the functioning because computers still look differently at objects than people. Google has therefore made the project open source. Users contribute by trying pictures to the training of the network. The more photos are processed the better the neural network.

Deep Dreamer is a free download (3/4th of each picture is being processed, a full license costs $14.99)

Deep Dream Gallery

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