Tip: you use the desktop website on your phone with the Chrome browser

Many websites offer a mobile version of their site, but that is often not as stable or comprehensive as the full desktop version. With this tip we will show you how to visit the desktop version via your smartphone or tablet by using the Chrome Web browser for Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad).

This is how you open the full website on your mobile device

Websites that are offering a mobile version, identify whether your device is a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. Then automatically displays the mobile website. If you like to visit the desktop version of a website on your mobile device, you can do so via a setting in Chrome.

Just press the three balls icon to go to the settings screen.
Chrome iPhone settings
Here tick the option “Request Desktop Version”, after which start or refresh the website. Chrome sends the request to show the desktop version to the website. Then, the browser remembers this for that website, so that it will always open the desktop version.
Chrome request desktop

Not all websites show the desktop version if the option is checked, because not all websites support this application option. Fortunately, most websites are updated to support this feature, so in most cases you can simply use this Chrome setting.

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