Tip: secure your apps with a PIN or pattern of dots

It is possible to lock apps and content in Android, giving only you access to the relevant apps and media when you enter a PIN code or dot pattern. Read this tip to learn how to do this.

Secure apps in Android with PIN

In some cases, it is useful to lock apps or media on your smartphone or tablet. Think of the time you lend a smartphone to your child for a game; then you’d rather not have them accessing your contacts app and accidentally call someone. And if you’re at work you’d rather not show your smartphone reports of Candy Crush.

To prevent this, it is possible to lock apps and thereby secure them with a PIN code or dot pattern. This can be done through various Android apps available for download in Google Play.

One of the best-known apps to protect other apps is AppLock that besides apps, can also lock the settings, gallery and Google Play Store. This can done with a pin or dot pattern. A major advantage of AppLock is that the app can not simply be removed or closed, making the protection fairly robust.

Applock app protection
App protection with Applock.

Another useful option is Hexlock that looks nicer and works based on profiles. A specific profile can be activated as soon as you are connected to a WiFi network. This example provides the ability to lock all work-related apps once you are connected to the home Wi-Fi network. Hexlock is not as robust and comprehensive as AppLock.

Developer: DoMobile Lab
Price: Free+
Hexlock App Lock & Photo Vault
Hexlock App Lock & Photo Vault

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