Tip: schedule Gmail messages to send later

In some cases, it is convenient to schedule in an e-mail so that it can be sent later. The free Chrome extension Boomerang adds this functionality to Gmail.

Schedule emails with Boomerang

If you mail your regularly with people in a different time zone or you want to send a message at a time when it is more likely that it is read, then Boomerang is a useful extension to download. By default, Gmail does not have the ability to schedule messages.

You can find Boomerang in the Chrome Web Store. After installation, you can optionally go through a tutorial to see what you can with the extension. Besides scheduling messages, it is also because possible – as with Inbox – to make messages come back later as a reminder. For this tip, we limit ourselves to the scheduling functionality of Boomerang, which is free to try.

Boomerang send later Gmail

With Boomerang enabled and authorized, you in drafting a new submit button labeled “Send Later”. When you press this, you have the option to send the respective mail a few hours, days, or weeks later. Additionally, you can choose a specific time, as long as it is in the future. Press ‘Confirm’ to confirm that you want to schedule the message. Then at your chosen moment, it arrives in the recipient’s inbox. Simple, but effective.

Besides the Send Later button, you will also find the ‘Boomerang this in [interval] if no reply’. If you select this option, you ensure that the message comes back to your inbox if the receiver has not responded on time.

There is also an Android app available that integrates with Gmail, Google Apps, and Microsoft Exchange. To take advantage of this, a Personal Account of $4.99 per month is required. A paid subscription, does not have the ten messages sent per month limit.

Download Boomerang

Download Boomerang for Android in Google Play (free)

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