Tip: Like with the face of Donald Trump on Facebook

Recently, Facebook made the reply buttons available, allowing users to have more opportunities to specify Liking and emotions. A new extension allows you to shape the so-called Facebook Reactions itself.

How to change Facebook Reactions

At present, the like-, love-, haha-, ‘wow, sad, and angry button consist of 4 smileys and two symbols. With the Reaction Pack extension for Chrome and Firefox, you can replace them with figures of your choice. You can choose six Pok√©mon, where you express with Charizard that you liked a message or express via Jigglypuff that a message makes you angry. Or maybe you prefer to choose six different facial expressions of Donald Trump?


To use the extension, download via the link below the add-on pack for the Reaction. Then you need to go to the developer’s website and choose from the current range by selecting ‘Use this Pack’. Open Facebook or change the Facebook page that you have open and voila. Now you really leave a personal comment on messages.

Download the Reaction Pack extension for Chrome
Download the Reaction Pack extension for Firefox

Create Facebook Reactions

Is there nothing that you like between the current Reaction Packs, you can submit your own set Facebook Reactions, for example, from your face. Keep in mind that it will be available for everyone with the extension installed on Chrome or Firefox browser, and they can use your face.

Incidentally, it is not visible to other people that you have changed the Reactions. You will see however your own reactions to all messages instead of the standard Facebook reactions if you check Facebook through the browser on your desktop. The extension is not yet visible on mobile.

See more on reactionpacks.com

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