Tip: How to save Web pages as PDF with Chrome

It is possible to save web pages as PDF with Chrome for Android. Handy if you do not have an Internet connection or don’t want to mail entire pages to others.

Save web pages as PDF

With Google Chrome it is possible for a while to convert complete web pages as a PDF file. A nice feature, because this way you can save pages for offline use or for example your work. Of course you can also save the URL, but with a PDF file you can be sure that others also can check it without an Internet connection. Converting a webpage into a PDF file is pretty simple, though the feature is somewhat hidden in the Chrome app. Below we explain it step by step.

  1. Open Chrome on your Android and go to a web page that you want to save;
  2. Tap the top right button (three dots) and choose ‘Print …’;
  3. Wait until the page has been prepared and will preview;
  4. Then press the light blue PDF button on the right;
  5. Finally, conduct a name for the PDF file and press Save.

And that was it! By default, Web pages are stored in the Downloads folder on your Android, but you can also choose to convert the file directly in the cloud with Google Drive. For this you just need to tap on the top left menu in the final screen. Do you want a separate folder for all your saved PDF files, you can create one from the same window.

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