Tip: How to hide the dock on your iPhone

Hiding the dock on your iPhone is not technically possible. With a little trick, you can make sure that the dock disappears. Below we show you how the iPhone dock hide works.

Hide iPhone dock: how you do it

You can’t hide the dock on your iPhone via your iPhone settings. It is a commonly heard suggestion to make the dock customizable, but so far no official method is available.

By using a specific method, you can still make your dock invisible. For this you need to set a special background on your iPhone, then your dock will disappear. These backgrounds can be found on a Japanese website where you can choose different images with the desired effect.

How to hide the dock on your iPhone

  • Choose and store a background on this page. All the backgrounds that you see there will hide the dock automatically. In some cases, you must enable or disable perspective, this is indicated in the image;
  • Open the image from your Photos app;
  • Tap the Share button and set the image as your background, taking into account the perspective institution;
  • If all is well now you can not see the dock, just like the image below.

A small iOS error

The way this trick works is associated with a small error in iOS. The colors that are to be used in each background are composed in such a way that they counteract the colors of the dock. Because they work against each other, ultimately nothing appears in the background. Until Apple fixes this problem with an iOS update, you can continue to hide the dock in this way. You just have to live with that you can’t choose your own background.

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