Tip: Decide who may view your Instagram Stories

With Instagram Stories you can take pictures and videos and present them as a temporary story. You do not want prying eyes, follow this tip.

Block Instagram Stories

Instagram launched ‘Stories’ in August 2016. This function is to share moments of the day in a volatile manner. Instagram Stories is often compared with Snapchat, where you also can post photos and videos that disappear after a while. This is done just as well with the Stories on Instagram. After 24 hours they’re gone.

The advantage that Instagram has over Snapchat is that people can find you easily. That is likely to result automatically in more followers. Acquaintances (via Facebook) as well as strangers, who are going to follow you based on photos you’ve previously created.

You choose who you share stories with

You can now use Instagram in two ways. You can use Stories to share personal photos, and you upload better pictures to keep longer. Whatever your reason is, perhaps you just do not want strangers or acquaintances to watch your Stories. You can specify that in the settings using the steps below.

  • Open Instagram;
  • Go to your profile (using the icon at the bottom right);
  • On the right, touch the gear to open the settings;
  • Choose Story Settings;
  • Tap Hide Report;
  • Search in this window for people you want to exclude, check them and tap “Done” in the upper right image.

Who is viewing your Stories?

Have you placed an Instagram Story, you can see who has viewed the photos or videos. You do this by tapping your own story. Not only do you see how many people have seen it, but also those who have seen it. If you see someone you’d rather deny access, you go through the above tip.

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