Tip: How to check your Netflix viewing history on Android

Have you watched a movie or TV series on Netflix, but you don’t know what the name of it was, you can check your watch history to find out. In this tip, we will show you where you can find this option.

Check your Netflix Watch History

Netflix maintains a standard list of all the movies and TV shows you’ve watched via the service. The list is useful if you, for example, would like to recommend a movie to a friend, but don’t remember its name because you’ve already seen the movie a while ago. Through the Android app, you can easily check what you’ve watched recently. Follow the steps below.

  • Start the Netflix app on your Android device and open the burger menu (three dashes above left);
  • Swipe down and select “Account”;
  • This will open a web page in your browser. Swipe down again until you encounter “Activity’.
  • Depending on how long you use Netflix, you’ll see a big list of everything you have watched recently. You can remove a movie or episode from the list by clicking on the cross.

This also ensures that it is not included in the suggestions that Netflix does for new content that you can check. If you can’t find a particular movie or TV series in the list, then it may be that you have watched it with a different profile. You change your profile by opening the Netflix app menu, tap your name, select the appropriate profile and follow the steps above to go through again.

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