This app lets you watch YouTube videos on Android Wear

Video for Android Wear is a new app that allows you to view YouTube videos on Android Wear devices.

Video for Android Wear & YouTube

Although Android Wear is getting better, there are certain things that you would not be doing with a smart watch. Watching YouTube videos is a good example. The screen of an Android Wear device is simply too small and therefore not suitable for watching movies. Still a new app, Video for Android Wear & YouTube, makes it possible to watch movies from your wrist.

Video for Android Wear lets you search for YouTube videos via voice control. The results are displayed in an orderly way, which you can watch easily with a simple swipe. Next you simply tap a video to play it.

Because smart watches that run on Android Wear have no speaker, it is possible to play the sound of a movie with a Bluetooth headset or speaker. You have to connect your smart watch with the headset or speaker. A nice feature of Video for Android Wear is the Chromecast support. That makes it possible to stream videos directly from a smart watch to a television.

Download Video for Android Wear & YouTube

Video for Android Wear is free to download via the link below but contains some in-app purchases. The app is 29MB in size and requires Android 4.3 or later for installation.

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