The six best Mailbox alternatives

Dropbox is going to stop with Mailbox, so you may need to look for a new email app. We made a list of best Mailbox alternatives for Android and iOS.

Mailbox alternatives

In a short time, Mailbox became the favorite email app of many, especially because of the easy swipe actions. One side swipe to archive your mail while the other side swipe allowed you to schedule your mail. In 2013, Dropbox took over the app, but now the company has decided to pull the plug coming out on 26 February. Fortunately, the app in the past few years inspired other developers and there are plenty of excellent alternatives with the convenience and overview of Mailbox. Here are the best Mailbox alternatives.

1. Inbox by Gmail

Inbox Mailbox alternative
Google has two mail apps, Gmail and Inbox. Inbox by Gmail is more experimental and will be the first to receive new features such as predefined responses. In addition, the app is very similar to Mailbox. Emails are bundled with Inbox in categories such as updates or Financial.

With the categories, you can even swipe away entire groups of mail at once. The app also works well with other Google functions so you can post reminders between your mail if your mail inbox is already used as a to-do list. However, the app supports only Gmail accounts.

Download Inbox by Gmail (free)
Android, iOS

2. Outlook

Outlook Mailbox alternative
Microsoft Outlook has recently improved considerably. No boring business mailbox, but a well-organized app where you can just import your Gmail. Outlook now uses the beautiful Material Design and you can just like in Mailbox and Inbox swipe to archive or snooze your mails.

The app is especially notable for the other features that are present, such as an extensive calendar and a list of mailed files. The inbox also distinguishes between emails and other priority emails.

Download Outlook (free)
iOS, Android

3. Gmail

Gmail Mailbox Alternative
Compared to Inbox is Google’s default email app Gmail more traditional. The app looks like you are running the Web version on your phone. Swipe left or right on a mail sends the message directly to your archive.

It is the purest Gmail experience, which can be very nice if you use the Web version of Gmail, and you want to work in that flow. The app works best with Gmail accounts, but email addresses from Outlook and Yahoo! are also supported.

Download Gmail (free)
iOS, Android

4. Cloud Magic

Cloudmagic Mailbox Alternative
Although most email apps are fairly light and fast, CloudMagic is in this area the king. The app is minimalist, yet does what you would expect. Unfortunately, there are no options to snooze an email for later.

After one swipe you must first decide whether you archive or delete a mail, so the processing of your inbox does not happen as fast like for example Inbox by Gmail. But if you’re looking for the lightest option, Cloud Magic is a must.

Download CloudMagic (free)
iOS, Android

5. Type Mail

Type Mail Mailbox alternative
Mail (formerly Blue Mail) is not the prettiest or fastest option in this list, but there are some very nice features available that make it an appealing e-mail app. For example, the navigation options at the bottom are very convenient, you can keep a separate task list, you get a lot of options with a swipe and it’s easy to find filters.

A big advantage is that this app has a night mode. This is something we still often miss in other apps. Type Mail looks unfortunately slightly too busy.

Download Type Mail (free)
iOS, Android

6. myMail

myMail Mailbox alternative

mymailMyMail is instantly recognizable with minimal inbox and swipe functies for emails. However, the app looks a bit more playful than the other apps in this list. This is due to the red drawn icons that are used to search, or to delete an e-mail. The icons are useful, but not as clear as in other apps. For example, if you swipe and choose an action, it is not immediately clear which icon does what.

The tabs for the menu and a separate tab to add new accounts are very beautiful. Finally, the app takes a lot of space to display emails in your inbox, so it looks peaceful.

Download myMail
iOS, Android

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