The new variant on Airbnb is called Airpnp

Ok, admittedly we had to laugh out loud at this new variant of Airbnb. But nevertheless we have to say that the idea isn’t as crazy as it sounds.

For those of you not yet familiar with Airbnb, this is a website where homeowners can rent their homes to tourists. The ultimate way to experience a city as local.

roomed airpnp sign-up
In America, there is now a new variant, called Airpnp. You probably already guessed it, when you really need must pee, you can look via this app for a house in the neighborhood where the toilet will temporarily be “rented”.

The toilets / bathrooms offered vary in price. You have free toilets, but you can also use a hotel bathroom that big names like Tom Cruise, Nicolas Cage, Frank Sinatra, and Walt Disney have used for a fee of 7 dollars. And just like on Airbnb, you can rate the toilet and share your experience.

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