Telegram: The 10 most useful bots to automate tasks

Telegram is one of the finest chat apps for all platforms. The app supports bots that allows you to automate all sorts of things. Which are free to download, we chose from the best and most convenient.

Best Telegram bots

More and more services are getting the ability to install bots. You will see that not only in Telegram, but also on Facebook Messenger, Slack, and Peach. Thanks to bots you can put things into action, without leaving the app. You can “talk” to bots, which you add to services as add-ons, in command language, whereupon they perform automated tasks for you.

Telegram image bot

On Telegram, there are already some bots available. The service has put a few standard in the app, but you can also download them from third parties. Anyone with programming knowledge can make them and make it available, so there is already a lot available. Most are not useful yet, just bland or uninteresting, so we chose the best for you. The bots can be used separately or can be added to group discussions.

1. Giphy

Nowadays indispensable in any self-respecting chat application: gif images. Recently, Telegram added gifs from Giphy to the default app. That means you can post gif images without having to download anything in any conversation. Type @gif in a conversation and put it behind a keyword to transform the moving images on screen. By choosing in the window, you add gifs to a chat.

2. Wikipedia

Are you in a conversation with someone and you are not agreeing on a famous person or a location? With Wikipedia Search you can find the information. Type @wiki in a chat with a keyword and you get an instant link to the (English) Wikipedia page with a short paragraph of text with it. Also, this bot is standard in Telegram.

3. IMDb

The bot of IMDb is the last standard bot in Telegram that we address in this list. You talk about a film and want to see how it scores on the biggest Internet Movie Database, type @IMDb and title. Wait a moment before sending, a window with titles to choose from will appear. Tap it to view the synopsis and see the score. Immediately a link appears to the trailer of the film.

4. Netflix News

Netflix is a fine video service, but the search for movies can be a lot better. Everything is mixed up, so you can not always see what movies were recently added at a glance. With Netflix News-bot this is possible. After installing you can set your location (via the command /region), then you will always be sent to the movies that have been newly added. So you automatically stay up to date.

Download Netflix News Bot

5. YTbot

Sending a YouTube video with preview via Telegram works easily by sharing the link. But for that, you must still first go to YouTube. With YTbot, you just search from Telegram from the command ‘/youtube [keyword]’. Please note that it is not a search engine and the results are based on popularity. So you will have to search very specific​, otherwise, you might get any other video registered under the same keywords. Not always convenient, but when searching for music it often works just fine.

Download YTbot

6. Weatherman

Your personal weatherman on Telegram with Weatherman. With this bot, you will be kept informed every day of the weather in your city via instant message. You choose whether the message comes in the evening or morning and at what time. Then you can not only get today’s weather (morning, afternoon and evening), but also that of tomorrow and the list for the next five days.

Download Weatherman Bot

7. Grocerylist

There are ways was to make a shopping list, but you can also use the bot Grocerylist. This is especially useful if you make shopping plans with friends or roommates. Because anyone can add items to the list with the command “/add”. And if the list disappear​s under a number of messages, then you call request it with ‘/list’ again. Have you bought everything, you make the list again empty for the next time.

Download Grocerylist Bot

8. Unit Converter

How many centimeters is an inch, what is 25 degrees Celsius in Fahrenheit and how much is 80 dollars in euros? With the Unit Converter, you can compute it quickly. The bot offers all kinds of calculations from lengths to weight and energy, but also speed and currencies. It’s quite a list that you can show, but it can help you make quick calculations.

Download Unit Converter Bot

9. Evernote

With the Evernote Bot you can create a note to Evernote, from the Telegram app. For that, you must login with your Evernote account so that the bot can store messages as notes. Do you have multiple notebooks, you can choose via ‘/settings’ in which your memos should be stored. If you send a message to the Evernote bot without a command, the message is created as a note.

Download Evernote Bot

10. Gypsy

Gypsy is an all-in-one bot that can do different things. With command “/img” you can look for images from the web, with ‘/weathernow” you ask the weather and with “/ISUP” check to see if a particular website is online. Perhaps the most useful feature is “/translate” that can translate every language into English. Unfortunately, it does not work the other way around. With the command “/start” you ask the full list of possibilities.

Download Gypsy Bot

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