Telegram is growing in Brazil with 1.5 million users thanks to WhatsApp blockade

Telegram claims it significantly benefit from the temporary blockade of WhatsApp in Brazil. The service has gained more than 1.5 million new users in the country, but is struggling with SMS problems by the demand.

Even before the blockade took effect, the number of new users increased with 500,000 and an hour later by 1 million, claimed Telegram. Meanwhile, the counter stand at more than 1.5 million and would be the congestion would be so great that the SMS gateways can no longer cope. Therefore SMS messages with activation codes don’t always arrive anymore. Telegram states that those problems that may hinder further growth are almost solved.

Telegram made great growth after the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook. Many users did not agree to that acquisition and started switching to alternatives. Telegram profiles itself as a simple and secure IM service. The service claims that in 18 months, 60 million active users have had chats via Telegram, a fraction of the number of WhatsApp users.

Telecom operators in Brazil block since Thursday morning WhatsApp traffic in the country. They do this by order of the judge, who wants to put WhatsApp under pressure to comply with a court order to hand over information in a criminal case. That case involved according to the Brazilian Band News TV about a drug dealer and gang member which used WhatsApp for its activities, writes Reuters. The blockade remains in effect for 48 hours.

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