Telegram has 62 million active users

Messaging app Telegrams number of active users has grow to 62 million. In addition, there are 2 billion messages processed daily, doubling the number of messages sent by telegram in December.

TechCrunch mentions the numbers, which they got of Pavel Durov, one of the founders of the messaging service. The ‘WhatsApp competitor’ seems to grow steadily: in December last year the number of active users was 50 million, against 62 million now. According to Durov, each day approximately 220,000 new users join Telegram, compared to 145,000 in December.

Despite the growth the messaging service remains far behind WhatsApp, the popular messaging service. WhatsApp states having more than 800 million active users. Telegram has benefited from the fact that Facebook acquired WhatsApp last year: the number of users grew significantly in a short time.

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