Tango Login

Detailed instructions for Tango Login. Tango is a platform-independent video call and chat application.

Login to Tango and start calling friends for free

You need to register a free account on Tango before you can make use of the free services. Registering on Tango is simple but it requires your phone number.
Follow these steps to register on Tango:

  • First go to the App Store and download the app on your smartphone.
  • Next, start the app by tapping on the app icon.
  • Now you will be greeted by the following screen:

Tango login

  • Just select your country and enter your phone number to continue.
  • In the following screen, click on Ok (or Don’t allow if you don’t want to show your location) when asked using your location.

Tango app sign in

  • In the following screen, enter your first name, last name, and email-address to continue.

That was the sign in process for the Tango app.

Download the Tango app

Tango is a free multi platform app. This means that you can download it for many mobile phones. Click on the name of your platform to continue to the download page.
iOS (iPhone)

About Tango App

Headquartered in Mountain View (California), Tango was created in 2009 by Uri Raz, head of product management and strategy, and Eric Setton, CTO of the company. The creation the app came from the need of the two founders to communicate with their families, who were abroad. Besides the need to communicate, they also needed to make it through a device that did not require the use of a computer, mobile phone.


  • Unlike other similar applications (like Skype or Viber), this app allows applying of filters to the photos and videos in real time.
  • It also has a complete image editor.
  • It is a free application.
  • Allows users to play online at the same time doing a video call.
  • The video messaging is unlimited.
  • It is not necessary to register.
  • The type of connection determines the image quality.
  • It has a paid version that offers many extra options.
  • It is linked via a telephone number.
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