Sunrise app updated with Apple Watch support

Calendar app Sunrise is now also available for use on the Apple Watch. The calendar app that Microsoft recently acquired, has somewhat different approach than Fantastical 2. With Fantastical 2, you can also make new arrangements on the Apple Watch, not with Sunrise. There is no doubt that it has to do with Sunrise doesn’t support dictation.

Sunrise is just a few months ago acquired by Microsoft. The calendar app works well with a variety of other services such as todo list and Wunderlist. The latter is now also part of Microsoft. A few days ago, Sunrise launched the special keypad Meet that allows you to easily schedule appointments.

Sunrise Apple Watch notification
Sunrise notification on the Apple Watch

Sunrise on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch app that they have released now is focusing on upcoming appointments. You can quickly see what’s coming, how much time you have to be at the event and at what location. To create a new appointment, you will need to get hold of the iPhone. The existing arrangements are quick to recognize by the colored stripes next to it. Tap an appointment, you will see the start and end times, attendees and location. On a card, you get to see where the event takes place. Optionally, you can immediately get directions via Apple’s Maps app.

Sunrise app Apple Watch
Sunrise calendar app on the Apple Watch

You can also set up a Quick Look for Sunrise. You will then see the next appointment or task. This can be a regular appointment from the agenda, but also a task from Evernote or todo list. The beauty of it is that Sunrise brings together information from multiple apps. Of course, you also get notifications if the meeting is about to start.
The app was not found in the store. 🙁

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