Stop and block annoying GIF animations

Are you annoyed by the ubiquitous moving GIF animations? Turn them off! That is easily done in Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome.

Animated GIFs are totally hip and you see the colorful mini-animations everywhere. Internet Explorer even has an option to disable the GIFs, with Firefox and Google Chrome you can do this by using an extension.

Disables animations in Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer, you stop a GIF animation with the ESC key. Do you want to restart the movie, then reload the page.

  • It is also possible to completely block the animated GIFs. Go to the cog in the toolbar, and then click Internet Options.
  • Go to the Advanced tab and uncheck “Play animations in web pages”.Block animations IE

Block GIFs in Google Chrome

With Google Chrome, you stop the animation using the extension Stop Animations. Once you install it, you stop the animated GIFs easy by pressing the ESC button.

Stop GIFs in Mozilla Firefox

In Mozilla Firefox you use the extension Toggle animated GIFs. With this plug-in, stop the GIF with a mouse click instead of the ESC key. It’s also possible to use the key combination CTRL + M. Still seeing the animations? Then click again or use the keyboard shortcut Shift + M.

GIFs often distract when reading a web page. Especially with long online articles is a GIF-stopper a solution.

Test it with the animated GIF below.


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