Sputnik Eyes: Sort robots in cool puzzle game

Slide playful robots over lines to bring them to their destination and move through levels. Sounds easy, but that’s definitely not the case.

Bring robots to the right place

It’s easy: you have a playing field with lines and dots. Divided at certain points are robots that you must tap to the right place. Red to red, blue to blue, and so on. It’s easy at first, but soon they become puzzles where you have to think about the good order of slide movement.

Important in the shifting is not only the color but also the lines. You can move the robots only through lines. All colors may go over black stripes, but a red line is intended only for red robots. Then you also have black lines going in one direction. This quickly leads to challenging puzzles – but if solved well – pose a real winner sense.
Sputnik Eyes iPhone

Sputnik Eyes is challenging and replayable

Solving levels works with three goals. You get one if you pass the level, you get one if you are fast enough and there is still a goal you earn by staying within a few steps. If you like the game and want to get everything, there is enough challenge in finding the levels to continue to play through them once again.
The big star of Sputnik Eyes is its wonderful design. Which is flat and colorful. The robots look cute, so far as possible with shapes that have a big eye. Looking for a puzzle that keeps you busy for a while and is challenging, then Sputnik Eyes is one of the best at the moment. The game costs 1.99 dollars, with no additional in-app purchases.

Download Sputnik Eyes

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