Spotter: new app lets you read the important news

Spotter is a new iOS app that lets you easily read the news that is interesting for you. The app filters all kinds of news for you.

Read news with Spotter

The new app, which recently appeared in the App Store, is an app to “filter” the daily flood of news. This way only the important news remains for you, and that saves you a lot of searching and reading. It is important to know that Spotter focuses mainly on business news.

Once you have signed in with your Facebook account on Spotter, you get to see a number of issues that might be important to you. Because not all will appeal to you, there is also the possibility to add your own interests, and other items. Based on various algorithms Spotter then searches for articles and shows them to you.

There is also a way to indicate whether articles are interesting or not. As with many other iOS apps, you do that on a Tinder-like way: swipe right if an article is interesting, or swipe to the left to indicate that you are less satisfied.

Spotter app interface.
Swipe left or right to indicate whether you like the news item or not.

Spotter for iOS Download

Spotter is fun to try and especially interesting if you are interested in business news. You can download the app via the link below. Installation requires iOS 8 or newer and requires 10,9MB free storage space.

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