Snapchat Sign up

Would you like to create a Snapchat account? Then follow this guide to learn how you can create your Snapchat profile and start using the app. Snapchat is a mobile application dedicated to sending photos and messages to be “destroyed” between one and ten seconds after reading them.

Create a Snapchat profile

To create a Snapchat account you need to have the app installed on your smartphone. You can do this by going to the Play Store or the App Store. If you have the app installed, follow the next steps to create a Snapchat profile.

  • First start the app by tapping on the Snapchat icon.
  • Next, click on the blue Sign up button.
Create Snapchat profile
Tap on the Sign up button to continue.
  • In the following screen, enter your email-address, password and your birthday and click on continue to finish the sign up.
Snapchat Sign up
Enter the required information and click on sign up.
  • Next choose a username that you would like to use and click on Next.
Snapchat username
Choose a username to continue.
  • You can verify your account with your phone number in the next screen. You can also skip this by tapping on the Skip button.
Snapchat verify account
Verify your account with your phone number.
  • If you skipped the previous step, then you have to verify your account by selecting the images which contain a ghost.
Snapchat verify ghost
Select the images with a ghost in it.

Congratulations! you now have a Snapchat account.

Download Snapchat

The application is available for iPhone and Android, both for free and only for people that are 12 years or older.
Download Snapchat for iPhone
Download Snapchat for Android

About Snapchat

Snapchat is an image based messaging application, created and developed by students at Stanford University. With the application, users can take pictures, record videos and add text and drawings in the image, and choose the time that the image will be in your friendlist display. With the new update you can start a conversation with text or video with your friends, even without turning on your camera to talk. The time of each snap is 1 to 10 seconds, and after it opened, the image or video can only be seen by the time chosen by the sender. The image is deleted from the device and also from the servers.


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