Snapchat introduces Chat 2.0 with stickers and video/audio messages

Snapchat renews chat in the app with many new features. Chat 2.0 features include stickers and video and audio messages. Stories also gets an update.

Snapchat instant update

Snapchat has updated the chat function of its app. Chat is designed to carry one on one conversation, and now you get many more opportunities to make these conversations more enjoyable. Snapchat calls the update “Chat 2.0”, to make clear that this is a great innovation. This is all that is new.

Now you can add stickers to your conversations. Snapchat has more than 200 stickers available for you using keywords. Think of funny animals and other figures. You can also easily start a video or audio call and leave video and audio messages if someone does not answer. The receiver then gets the message when he starts the app. It is also possible for the first to open the photo library on your device to send pre taken pictures or videos. You do this by pressing the photo icon.


Stories also gets a major update. From now at the end of a story, the next story will follow immediately. So you can keep looking at the experiences of your friends, instead of having to start each story separately. Would you like to fast forward a video? Then you just swipe to right. Are you finished with it, you just swipe downwards.

Snapchat for iOS and Android

Snapchat is free to download from the App Store. The app requires 80,8MB free space, and you need at least iOS 7 required to run the app. You get lost in the app? Read our ultimate Snapchat guide for beginners. That tells you all you need to know about the app.

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