Snapchat gets first paid functionality: Photos and videos look back

Snap Chat has expanded the so-called Replay function. For $0.99 you can now look back thrice a photo or video. There is also a new filter available.

Snapchat Tuesday reported on its blog that the look back function will be a paid function. It is the first paid position that functionality that the app will get. The feature is not a new functionality of the app. This was already available free of charge since 2013, but it was only possible once a day to view a snap (photo or video again. For $0.99 you can now view back a Snap three times. This must be, however, three different snaps.

The function look back is at this time is only rolled out in the United States. Whether and when this new functionality is available in the rest of the world, is still unknown.

New filters

On its blog, Snapchat announced other changes, namely a new filter for selfies and a trophy cabinet. The new filter is named ‘Lenses’ and works by holding the camera close to your face and touching your face. As a result, a few visual effects are added to the snap, including a horror effect. Great for when you’re bored once and want to entertain your friends.

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The trophies can be earned by using Snapchat regularly. These collect in your online trophy cabinet in the app, which you will find above your profile picture. Similarly, it appears the chat feature has been improved too. Now it is possible to save instant messages by pressing a message.

Download Snap Chat

The new filter and the trophy cabinet are available by downloading the new update.

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Price: Free
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  • Snapchat Screenshot
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