Snapchat for Android gets useful data saving mode

The Android version of Snapchat just got a significant update. The app now has a data saving travel mode and new opportunities for emoji.

Snapchat trip mode

The Snapchat app for Android has got a data saving trip mode, which allows reducing the data usage of the app. The app uses a lot of data if you do not have a WiFi connection. That’s especially difficult when you have a small data plan or you are abroad.

A nice addition because, since the introduction of Snapchat Discovery, the app started to consume much more data. With Snapchat Discover, news can be found on various media. Because the section of the app was refreshed constantly, several hundred MBs were used in the background. The new feature changes all that and can be found in the settings under “Additional services”. As a result, Snaps, Stories and Discovery content are not loaded automatically, unless the user tap on them.

Snapchat Travel Mode
The new Snapchat Travel Mode.

The update brings new options for emoji too. It is now possible to place an unlimited number of emoji on Snaps. That can be done by pressing the new icon at the top of the app. By tapping the eye icon, you get to see who has viewed your snap.

Download the Snapchat Update

The latest version of Snapchat can be downloaded via the link below. The app is 19MB in size and works on devices with Android 4.0 or higher.

Developer: Snap Inc
Price: Free
  • Snapchat Screenshot
  • Snapchat Screenshot