These Snapchat apps will not respect your privacy

Are you using an unofficial Snapchat app? then pay attention, because they may be no safely handling your data. Time to remove the apps and change your password.

Snapchat Apps

Watch out if you are using an unofficial app for the popular Snapchat. These apps typically add additional capabilities to the photo chat app and therefore always ask if you want to log in with your Snapchat data. Research Company Sudo Security Group now claims that multiple apps use insecure connections in order to send this data. The apps also copies the data and send them to a server. That is not the intention.

The first app is Snapix, which allows you to upload your Camera Roll pictures to your Snapchat Story or friends. The app not only transmits data over an insecure connection allowing making it possible to steal your password, for example if you are using an open Wi-Fi network connection, but it also sent a copy to their own server. Other apps Quick Upload and SnapBox, which send information both to the same server, “”. SnapBox also sends for an unknown reason your exact GPS location to the server.


If one of these apps is installed on your iPhone, you would be well advised to first remove the app from your device and then change your Snapchat password. The latter is certainly important to prevent someone else from your accessing your account. It is always important to be careful with downloading unofficial apps that ask you to log in with the data from another app.


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