SnapChat adds payment function Snapcash in messaging app

Snapchat will add the function SnapCash to it’s messaging app. Users can send money to friends by simply tapping the amount in a message.
SnapChat works for Snapcash along with payment company Square, reports the company.

The service will be initially rolled out in the US. Users can send money by tapping on a dollar sign followed by the amount in the message field.

The send button changes in a payment button, and the money is transferred after pressing it. It is also possible to ‘throw’ digital dollar bills to another by swiping three fingers across the screen.

Remarkably SnapCash works with debit cards and not credit cards that are common in the US payment services. Users must link their checking account to their SnapChat account, after that payment is possible.

It is not known whether SnapCash will also ne available outside the US. Payment Company Square is currently only in the US, Canada and Japan actively.

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