Skype – Delete, block, and send contacts

Added contacts are just as easy to remove or block again and additionally, it has an option to send contacts to other users of Skype so that those can be easily added again.

Remove Skype contacts

To delete a contact in Skype again, right-click the contact and choose from the menu “Remove from contacts”.
Skype delete contact

Block contacts on Skype

To block a contact, you right-click the contact and select ‘Block this person’. In the window with the confirmation, you can place a check mark for the line “Report abuse from this person”.
Block Skype contact

There will be an icon for the contact that you have blocked and will be listed as offline. The contact is then no longer in contact with you and, therefore, can not see whether you are online. You can then later Right-click again on the user to unlock it again.

A user is that is blocked that try to send you a message or trying to call you can not see that you’ve blocked him or her. You will not receive a notification that the person is trying to contact you unless you lift the blockade.

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Unblock Skype contact

Now if you have deleted or blocked a contact, there is no way that that person can message you via Skype. A list of blocked users found in the settings is where you can lift a blockade again. To do this, go to Tools at the top of Skype and choose Settings. In the window that opens click on the left on the menu item “Privacy” and then in the menu Blocked persons.
Skype unblock users
On the right, you will see a list of blocked users. Click on a user and click the “Unblock this person” button to unblock someone.

Share contacts

One final tip. Do you want to quickly view the details of a contact to another user of Skype so that the person can add the contact quickly, this can be done simply. Right-click on the person you want to share the data of and select the ‘Send contact’ menu. The person you send the contact to sees a button on the screen to add the person directly on Skype.

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