Shy selfie: perfect app for sneaky self-portraits

Suppose you are sitting in the train with a huge iPhone 6 Plus and you want to make a selfie. But the train is full and you do not want anyone to enjoy your pictures. Then Shy selfie is the solution.

One picks up a real selfie stick and the other find it a little bit embarrassing to take a photograph of himself in public. Whatever your reason is, Shy selfie could be the solution.

Shy Selfie: how it works

When you open the app and touch the screen, you see yourself in a small preview window inside the app. The image captured by the front camera of your iPhone is reduced to the size of the window.

And the good thing is that you set the size of that window yourself. In the app, you will find three tabs where you can make adjustments. The top makes the window rounder or squarer, below you will find a tab for transparency. If you set it very low, you see almost nothing of your selfie, but if you set it high, you see it very well. Below you will find the option to adjust the size of the window.

Sneaky photos

What is absolutely perfect for a Shy selfie is the following idea from the developer:

  • Take a screenshot of the home screen of your iPhone;
  • Set this picture as the background for the Shy selfie app;
  • Adjust the size so that so the preview window looks like an app icon.

This way, it is almost impossible for others to see what you’re doing. By tapping the screen you make a photo of yourself. No matter how shy you are, more discrete than this it will not get.

Shy selfie download

Shy selfie costs $1.99 in the App Store. Installation requires iOS 8 or newer and requires only 1,9MB free storage.

?SelfieAtWork - Shy Selfie
?SelfieAtWork - Shy Selfie
Developer: Pawel Chmiel
Price: $1.99

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