How to share the colored Apple Watch Activity rings with your friends

Your Apple Watch is after installing watchOS 3 more social than ever. You can now share the three colored Activities Rings with your friends. This makes enough exercise a competitive element.

Share Apple Watch Activity with contacts

Apple makes the red, green and blue rings activity more fun from watchOS 3. By inviting a friend to join, you can directly share these results in real time. By sharing your activity with someone once, you will be directly on his or her list.

Apple Watch activity sharing

To make the Apple Watch Activity sharing possible, your iPhone must be running iOS 10 and have the Apple Watch watchOS 3. Once you meet these requirements, you can share your Apple Watch Activity by following these steps:

  • Open the Activity app on your iPhone
  • Go to the Share tab (bottom right)
  • Tap the red plus sign at the top right of the screen
  • The app gives suggestions for new people to add
  • Select the people you want to invite and send invitation

After the above steps, you must wait until the other person accepts it. Then you see the other three rings automatically appear in the Sharing list. Tap the name of the other for a more detailed overview. Here you can see how many workouts have been made, and which have already unlocked achievements. For some extra motivation, you can tap the speech bubble in the Sharing tab to send a message to the other.

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