How to setup two-factor Authentication in iOS 10

iOS10 lets users set up two-factor authentication for their Apple ID, which allows you to log in more secure with your account. In this tip, we’ll explain how it works.

Two Factor Authentication in iOS 10

Two Factor Authentication is one of the better ways to log in more secure. Instead of only entering your password at login, you will need to enter a verification code, which you proves that you really are the person trying to log in. This is to prevent attackers accessing your data and they can not log into

Two Factor Authentication has available for a while in iOS. However, previously it could stop working, because there was a chance that could have devices running on an old iOS version, and will that would not support two-factor authentication.

IOS 10 you can also set up two-factor authentication if you have older devices associated with your Apple ID. Moreover, it is set in a slightly different way, where you have to go through several steps. Here is how it works.

How to set it up:

  • On your iPhone or iPad where you want to use two-factor authentication, go to Settings > iCloud and tap on your account. Then enter your password;
  • Select “Password and Security” and then tap “Set up two-factor authentication;
  • Press ‘Go’ and choose ‘Turn on anyway’ when you receive a message that some devices are not ready for two-factor authentication;

Then, enter the answer to your security question and enter the phone number you want to use to establish your identity. Here you can indicate whether you want to receive a voice call, or rather opt for an SMS message;

You will receive an Apple ID verification code on your phone. After this, you will be asked again to enter your password.

That’s it! When you’re now trying to log in on, for example, Apple iCloud website, you need besides your password to fill in the verification code you will receive on the set iPhone or iPad. Under Settings > iCloud > Your Account, you can also generate verification codes that you can use to log into another device or

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