Rovio announces Angry Birds 2

The Finnish game maker Rovio is presenting Angry Birds 2 in two weeks. This is evident from an invitation sent by the developer to media. Further details of the game are unknown.

With the naming Angry Birds 2, Rovio seems specifically to refer to the game as a successor to the first Angry Birds game, which appeared in 2009 for mobile platforms. Since the release of Angry Birds, many derivatives of the game appeared like Angry Birds, Angry Birds: Transformers, Angry Birds Star Wars and Angry Birds Go.

The invitation to the presentation on 28 July, which IGN put online, shows the familiar characters and the slogan ‘bigger, better, birdier. Presumably it is going to be, just like the first version, a game for mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, and maybe Windows.

Rovio Angry Birds 2
More details to come.

The Finnish developer could use a new success. Rovio had to lay off 130 employees last year because of disappointing results. It has so far no other successful franchise like the Angry Birds series.

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