Review: Moovee is a beautiful movie database for your iPhone

The creators of the shows app TeeVee introduced a new application called Moovee. With Moovee, you do basically the same as in TeeVee, but with your movie database. You put all the movies you want to see in the app, keeps scores for movies you’ve already seen and keep a favorites list together.

Keep track of your movies

The basic principle behind Moovee works as expected. With a search bar, you find all the movies you’ve seen or want to see after you save them by pressing the plus button. Here you can choose from three options: To watch, favorites and Views. Based on these three film lists are compiled, which lets you decide which film you want to see for example. Is a film not yet out? Then a countdown appears to the final publication date.

No (yet)

In TeeVee, you can log in with a account, so that all series that you’ve tracked with other apps are automatically loaded. That is, in Moovee unfortunately not the case. At the moment, there are no services associated with the app yet, which means you have to enter your movies by hand. That is quite something: apps like Moovee focus on the most hardcore user, who often is known to have a huge database. Fortunately, the developer announced that integration will be added soon.

Conclusion Moovee

Moovee is a convenient way to keep track of your watched and anticipated films, with much emphasis on photos and videos. The app looks and works great but will be a lot better with integration.



  • Beautifully designed.


  • No
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?MooVee - Your Movies Guru
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